MINNEAPOLIS - It seems like everyone's a critic these days, and passing judgment on parents and their choices seems to be a pastime for some people on social media.

That's why four moms in northeast Minneapolis are fighting "mom shaming" with a service new moms never knew they needed.

Kristen Womack and Courtney Deer started "Hello Mom," and then Kendra Perez and Sara Blair jumped in to help get the business going. They're currently working out of their home to build a mobile platform to support new and expecting moms - something Womack found was lacking after having her first child.

"The vulnerability and the honesty when things are just terrible," Womack said. "Like standing in a bathroom stall and pumping is just awful."

Sometimes it isn't easy, which is where the idea for Hello Mom comes from.

It's a text service that sends moms messages of affirmation and tips randomly tailored to your situation.

For them it's not about a single message, rather a bigger picture.

"How can we better support people that need our support and understand what troubles they are facing that society as a whole could help out with?" said Deer. "And not just one person telling you you're doing a good job."