MAHTOMEDI, Minn - Neither Dan or Allysse Sorensen have a background in farming, but that didn’t matter when they chose to go about building a business based on goats.

"We researched all the things you could do with goats It took years to learn how to manage goats and about the biological principals behind the business." Allysse says.

Together they started The Munch Bunch with 100 goats as a natural, chemical free way of eliminating invasive plants and brush which in many cases goats like to eat.

"It’s a growing trend towards using more environmentally friendly methods." Dan Sorensen says. They’ve provided their services for state parks, commercial and private lands and anyplace that’s looking for options to thin out growth on their land.

"I had this plan that I would get a few goats when I retired. I realized, I don't have to wait until I am retired, well I could get goats now then maybe even make a business out of it and then retire,” reasoned Allysse.

You can check out The Munch Bunch on their website at