EDINA, Minn – Sending the kids off to college can be a hard day, and a little love from home goes a long way.

For Kristen Karpinsky and Tracy Rickert, that concept was the beginning of their business.

"It's a really exciting time in the kids' lives," Rickert says. "Exciting for the parents, too. They're going to college and that is awesome. But it's a really emotional time, too."

Kickert's business partner, Kristen Karpinsky, agrees.

"This is my last year with my oldest, so this is very much on my mind," she says.

Together the duo started Love From the Nest. They make boxes created especially for students away at college. Each box is customized with items tailored for each student, based on various themes.

"It's either centered around themes like, your child is sick or your child is moving into their dorm or your child loves beauty and body care products," Karpinsky says.

The boxes feature items from small business artisans from different communities.

"It's just a nice way to be able to stay connected in their lives and send them little things to let them know, 'We love you, we're thinking about you.'"

To check out Love From the Nest, visit Lovefromthenest.com.