MAPLE GROVE, Minn – From failed Kickstarter to nationwide sales. Pling Pong a game of skill.

If you have played beer pong or ping pong then you understand the concept. Pling Pong is a game developed by Mike St. Martin in his Maple Grove home. "I was just kind of brainstorming for no good reason. I started scratching on paper and thinking through it. It just kind of popped up," Mike said.

He’s an engineer by trade and tinkerer by hobby. It’s a game board where cups are stacked at different levels. You try and bounce a ping pong ball in to different cups.

That’s the simplest explanation. Mike and his wife Amy started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project. They aimed to raise $95,000 but fell far short raising just more than $13,000. "It was kind of a bummer letting people know you did not make the goal,” Amy said. “But now, really it’s awesome. Success story. It worked."

It worked because two toy companies took interest. One of which decided to take their idea, make and distribute it to Target stores nationwide.

You can check out the game on its website and read up on more of the rules here: