MINNEAPOLIS - In search of options to make her 12-year-old sheepdog Lulu comfortable, Heidi Hesse discovered canine massages—then started her own business.

Hesse says her dog suffered from arthritis and she sought out several options to make her comfortable.

"Toward the end of my dog's life I did acupuncture, I did chiropractic," Hesse says. "We did massage." 

She noticed improvements after taking her dog to a certified canine massage therapist and then soon started Sound Hound Canine Massage.

"A lot of people say, 'Canine massage?' Yeah. Canine massage," she says. "Some people are skeptical but after they see a dog I have worked on a few times, they are sold."

Hesse has become a certified canine massage therapist herself, and has been performing massages on dogs that have a wide range of issues including leg paralysis and mobility troubles; as well as dogs recovering from surgeries.

Learn more about Sound Hound on the website.