MINNEAPOLIS - Jen and Kate Lloyd decided to keep it a secret when they first started making bagels.

At least from their family and friends.

“I guess I kind of explain it as, we kind of came out of the closet when we were ready to start sharing," Kate jokes.

It’s not that they didn’t want people to know. They just wanted to make a darn good bagel before they shared with others. When they finally did, it helped launch them into making and selling bagels at the Fulton Farmers Market in Minneapolis.

“It was a struggle for us to find a bagel we admired in the Twin Cities," Jen said. “That kind of led us on the journey to source local ingredients, make them organic and fresh.”

In 2017 they opened their first bakery and storefront in the North Loop of downtown Minneapolis.

To check out Rise Bagel Company you can visit their website at risebagel.com.