MINNEAPOLIS - Is there ever a bad time for chocolate?

"No, chocolate is good any time of day," says Peter Kelsey with a laugh.

It would seem to be an obvious answer from Kelsey, a south Minneapolis baker-turned-chocolatier.

"Chocolate is about as much of a drug, a happiness drug, as you can get," he said.

Kelsey first founded New French Baking. Now that he's moved on to chocolate making, he admits his baking skills didn't easily translate when he started K'ul Chocolate roughly two years ago.

"We were making chocolate in my basement, you know, the whole basement garage deal," he said. "We really actually did that. We had these little grinders in my basement, we would test it."

The cacao beans come directly from farms all over the southern hemisphere.

Many people might say the best comes from European markets, but Kelsey is out to prove a darn good piece of chocolate with unique flavors like coconut, ginger or cranberry can come from a shop on Franklin Avenue.

And Kelsey's work to spread that word has already begun, starting at a European trade show.

"People were coming up to the booth asking, 'Where is this from? Belgium? Switzerland? Where is it from?'" he said. "'Minneapolis.' You could see their eyes pop up and say, 'I don't even know where that is.'"

More information about K'ul Chocolate is available Kelsey's website.