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New Luce Line Brewery opens in Plymouth

When you open a business in the middle of a pandemic, you have to be ready for anything.

PLYMOUTH, Minnesota —
You know what they say; When life hands you lemons, make beer.

Okay, no one says that, but it's exactly what the folks at the new Luce Line Brewing Company are doing.

"Exciting and scary,” says Tim Naumann, CEO of Luce Line Brewing.

When you open a new business during a pandemic you're basically ready for, you know, whatever.

“We opened on Wednesday, November 18 and then we had to close up after hours on Friday, November 20,” says CFO Kate Coward.

Luce Line Brewing Company was officially open for three days before Governor Tim Walz enacted the latest round of COVID-19 restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus. But, shift, adjust, pivot, turn, choose your verb... you just make it work.

“It’s kind of fun the way the community has really embraced us," says Naumann.

The tap room is steps off the Luce Line trail in Plymouth and will be connected to a full-service bike shop. A two-fer, if you will. And since Luce Line intentionally planned their opening during this unusual space in time in our universe, they really had the chance to think about it. 

“As we got into the process we clearly had redesign opportunities to create more distance, we expanded the patio, really wanted to build in all the safety features that would make it easier to come out and enjoy, and relax in our taproom," says Naumann.

And yes, there will be a day, hopefully soon, that you will get to enjoy the taproom, which is also a two-fer; hard seltzer and beer.

“Some classical styles, really clean, crisp lagers, and then we're going to do some more forward-thinking styles, definitely focus on a lot of hazy IPAs, do some fun things with hops. Things that are going to draw a crowd from all over the place,” says head brewer, Danny McMahon.

And we'll give you one more two-fer; Until reopening, you can still support a local business, drink beer, and do it safely. Wait, maybe that's a three-fer?

“They can purchase our merchandise, and beer, and hard-seltzer online. They can also drive up, call us, and we can meet them at their car with their order and a mobile payment system,” says Coward.

"With the community support we should be able to make it through this and be available on the other side,” says Naumann.

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