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We learned a lot in the workplace last year

As much as 2020 stung, we did learn a lot that we can take forward into the new year in the workplace.

2020 taught us some important lessons in the world of business for both employers and employees. And some of those will carry forward into 2021.

"We really learned that remote work is possible that lost its fear factor a little bit," says Chris Dardis with Versique.

As much as we wanted to kick 2020 to the curb, there were some lessons that need to be learned. Companies have embraced flexible, work from home schedules, and diversity and equity have gained a spotlight.

“Because of the social unrest, companies take a good hard look at their diversion and inclusion programs, and really put some good work on those,” says Dardis.

Women were found to have left the workforce in disproportionate numbers in 2020, but Dardis says 2021 will be a better year.

“I really do feel like we're at a critical point heading into 2021, where leadership opportunities are going to open up to women in the workforce, because of the focus on diversity and equity with corporate America now,” says Dardis.

And if you are a company just waiting for things to go back to “normal,” you're going to need to embrace the change.

“If you are a corporation and you haven't pounded out some virtual processes moving forward, do that. Don't wing it anymore, because in this virtual world, as you're hiring individuals in your organization, you have to figure out how to continue to drive engagement within your employees so make sure that you have processes that you're able to do that,” says Dardis.

And the biggest lesson we all learned last year? Psychological health needs to top your priority list.

“Leaders need to be aware of their employee’s emotional wellbeing and allow them an opportunity to work in a situation that does make them feel safe. As an employee, if you don't feel safe, you have to say it to your leader and come with some suggestions that would allow you to feel better at work,” says Dardis.