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Before we celebrate the savings, I will begin with a complaint. These days airlines are only targeting parts of the country and select parts of our region with fare sales. Massive national fare-wide sales are less common and not much of a phenomenon in the summer months.

With that being said, if you do have travel planned between late August and October, you find yourself near or flying from one of the selected cities, you will find dozens of coast-to-coast fares at a steep discount today.

The discounts I've seen from airlines over the past few months have typically appeared from carriers that do not service nearly as many cities as Delta. While a Frontier flight for $50 is incredible, if it only services a handful of cities with restrictive dates, it's not really Earth-shattering by any means.

Delta prices today are 10 percent lower than they were at this time last week, and you can find additional deals on coast-to-coast travel from Atlanta, Columbus, Detroit, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Boston, Seattle, New York City, New Orleans, Raleigh / Durham, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Detroit, Fort Myers and several other cities.

The Delta sale online today is primarily geared toward travel for the end of August through September. The sale is broken down as follows:

Most of the best Delta deals today are listed on this page. 

Some additional routes and dates are available on this page.

Now is the prime time to book if you are traveling at the end of August until October 1.

I will be on the lookout around the clock for flight discounts for every major route, especially as we count down to Thanksgiving. 


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