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BUY IT NOW: $60 off Snore Circle Smart Sleep Mask with free shipping

"Hallelujah! It works!" That's a quote from my wife. Just in time for Valentine's Day 2019, not only have I stopped my snoring almost entirely but I sleep better than ever before. You can thank today's deal and this gadget straight from CES.

I realize that I'm composing this article at a time when sleep deprivation deals and anti-snoring advertisements are cluttering your social media feeds. Let me set the record straight on the competition before we get to the bargain.

Anti-snoring nasal strips are ineffective, especially if your nasal passage isn't the problem. C-Pap machines are great but very expensive, the machine is loud, and not everyone wants a piece of medical equipment in their bedroom. Anti-snoring mouthpieces are not good for your jaw over time and they hurt my teeth - and I'm very protective of my teeth.

The alternative and the clear winner in my book is the Snore Circle Smart Eye Mask. At its core, this highly adjustable mask that helps you and your partner get better sleep. Paired with an app that allows you to customize sensitivity based on how deep you sleep and how loud you snore, this mask trains your body to stop snoring.

With 36 levels of light to moderate physical intervention, the Snore Circle Eye Mask will stop your snoring with a light or moderate vibration. You can set it to begin after you're in a deep sleep or delay the anti-snoring intervention to halfway through the night. The mask took just over a week for me to get accustomed to, as it does wake you up when you snore with a gentle vibration. After three weeks my snoring was barely audible and now almost a month in, my snoring has stopped!

If you don't snore, this plush lightweight sleep mask blocks out disturbing light or the screens of smart devices. I travel with it now everywhere and the smartphone app to further analyze my sleeping habits is very helpful.

Click the play button to see the Snore Circle in action. 

Features of the Snore Circle Smart Sleep Mask:

  • Bluetooth smart mask pairs with your smartphone and free app
  • Intelligent analysis determines your sleep and snore patterns
  • Gentle tiny vibration trains your body to stop snoring
  • Plush, soft, washable mask is ideal for deep sleep and travel
  • Guaranteed to diminish snoring after 3 weeks of continuous use
  • Helps improve your overall breathing and heart health
  • Lowest-recorded price today as part of Valentine's Day promotion

BUY IT NOW: $60 off Snore Circle Smart Sleep Mask with free shipping
Was: $149.99
Now: $89.99


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