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Sun Country sets new baggage fees

Sun Country's new 'Bundle and Go' program offers three options: Grab and Go, Check and Go, and Store and Go. Store and Go is the most expensive, as those booking coach who want to carry on and stow luggage will pay $30 per bag in the lower 48 states

MINNEAPOLIS - Sun Country Airlines is introducing a new baggage fee structure designed to encourage flyers to check their luggage, or not bring any at all.

The new structure is for travel booked after October 25 for travel after January 19, 2018.

"Bundle and Go" offers three options:

- Store and Go is the most expensive and costs travelers $30 per bag in the lower 48 states, and $35 for other destinations.
- Check and Go option costs travelers who check their luggage $20 per bag in the lower 48, $25 for other destinations.
- Grab and Go allows flyers to bring a backpack or small bag that fits under a seat for free.

Ufly Rewards members booking Sun Country hotel vacation packages and those with the Sun Country Visa program will pay less, while Ufly Rewards Elite members pay nothing.

The entire airline industry has been besieged by travelers who prefer to carry on and stow in overhead bins to avoid the cost of checking luggage, and also not run the risk of losing a bag. Sun Country's new "Bundle and Go" program rewards those who go through the process of checking baggage.

For more details on the new program, go to the Sun Country website.