MINNEAPOLIS - The average American tosses five pounds of trash per day into landfills.

In 2013 alone, waste sent to the landfill weighed in at 294 million tons, according to a study done by Yale. It’s an overwhelming problem, but one that some are eager to take on.

“All of us are aware of how much trash we generate," said Nancy Lo, founder of the Fix-It Clinic here in Minnesota. "We take stuff out to the garbage all the time. Wouldn't it be great if some of it you could repair?”

Lo is using the powers of the 3 R’s to take on the waste problem right here at home.

“In the five years that the program has been going on we have diverted just over 20,000 pounds' worth of material,” says Lo.

The monthly event is held in spaces throughout Hennepin County. And the best part? It’s completely free.

“It’s just your time and the volunteers' time and your willingness to get that screwdriver and open up that thing,” says Lo.

The corps of volunteers is made up of engineers, sewing experts, and eager helpers who give their time to help neighbors. Ramsey County also offers a Fix-It Clinic, and the movement is spreading around the country with many other states jumping on the “fix it” rather than “throw it” bandwagon.

The most common items that end up at the clinic? Lamps, vacuums, DVD players, blenders, and other small household electronics.

We’ve got a step-by-step guide to a common lamp problem below.

Mending and sewing costs causing you to have a hole in your pocket? Here are some simple sewing basics to keep your savings stitched up.

Understanding how electronics work is crucial to troubleshooting on your own. Check out a walk-through of a small space heater below.

For all of the clinic days in Hennepin County, check out the Fix-It Clinic website.