FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. - We want to help you budget for the Minnesota State Fair, so our Cory Hepola did it all, tallying up the costs for one person experiencing a "normal" day.

  • Parking: $14
  • One Adult Ticket: $14
  • Snack #1; Sweet Martha's Cookies (bucket): $17
  • Miracle of Birth Center: Free
  • Mighty Midway: $25 for a 30-ticket sheet (about five rides)
  • Lunch: Pronto Pup $5, Cheese Curds $6, Lemonade $5
  • Bandshell stage for a show: Free
  • Coliseum for a show: Free
  • Snack #2; Malt: $5
  • Souvenir: $15 (average)

Total: $106

But remember, that didn't include beer, wine, or a concert at the Grandstand.

Although it did include people watching, which is always FREE.