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How to save at Sam's Club

No matter where you live in America, you're probably located close to a Wal-Mart. These low-cost retailers are popular because of their ubiquity and huge selection.

No matter where you live in America, you’re probably located close to a Wal-Mart. These low-cost retailers are popular because of their ubiquity and huge selection.

But for consumers looking to save even more on their shopping, there’s Sam’s Club. The warehouse club is an offshoot of Wal-Mart that offers bulk deals at deadly prices. With 660 warehouse locations in 47 states, you’re sure to find a Sam’s Club near you.

Read below for hacks and tips on how to save more at Sam’s Club.

1. Get a sign-up bonus

The membership fee is the first barrier to shopping at Sam’s Club. The basic membership costs $45 — $10 less than it does at Costco. If you sign up via this link, you can get a free meal, plus a free $20 e-gift card with your new membership.

2. Sign up for a business level membership to get extra perks

To capitalize on your membership, sign up for the Sam’s Business level. It costs the same as the basic membership, but you can have up to eight extra people on your account. If you split the $45 cost with eight others, you’ll only pay $5 for your share. If you use the $20 offer coupon, that’s less than $4 for an annual pass to Sam’s Club.

3. Save if you’re a student or an employee

Students can sign up for Sam’s Club and get a $15 off coupon when they sign up through Groupon. Some large employers also have Sam’s Club memberships available for free or at a discount to their employees. Ask your human resources department if that’s a company perk.

4. Get free in-store shipping

Shipping to your home is only free for certain items, but you can have items shipped to your nearest store for free. Order online, wait for the pickup notification, and drive to Sam’s Club. You’ll get your items without the fuss of standing in line on a Saturday afternoon.

5. Save on gas

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Weekday commuters should stock up on gas at Sam’s Club while they do their weekend shopping. While prices and savings depend on your location, you can save around 10 cents a gallon. If you fill up 14 gallons a week, that’s $1.40 or about $73 a year.

6. Unlock extra deals on Groupon

When you shop on the Sam’s Club’s website through Groupon, you can find extra deals not available in the store. Plus, you’ll earn cash back through the Groupon site, sometimes up to 5%.

You can also sign up via email to be notified when Groupon posts new deals through Sam’s Club.

7. Check out their niche programs

Did you know you can buy a car through Sam’s Club? Or get discounts on identity theft protection? Because Sam’s Club operates as a huge membership program, they can find special deals for their members that other stores can’t match. Scroll through their various services the next time you need a pair of eyeglasses or marketing materials for your small business.

8. Take advantage of military discounts

Sam’s Club provides both active and former service members an extra bonus when they sign up or renew their membership. Currently, any military member who joins by July 31 will receive a $15 gift card if they purchase a Sam’s Savings or Business membership ($45) or a $25 gift card if they buy a Sam’s Plus membership (normally $100).

9. Share the love

People who refer other loved ones to Sam’s Club can get a $10 gift card for each person who signs up. Plus, they’ll receive a $20 gift card. There’s no limit on how many people can sign up, so feel free to share this link on social media to get the most buzz. You must be a registered member of Samsclub.com to get the e-gift card.

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10. Free health screenings

Sam’s Club provides free health screenings to members on the second Saturday of the month from January to October, according to this press release. Call your local store’s pharmacy to verify the hours and dates before stopping in.

11. Discount movie tickets

Nowadays, movie tickets often cost $10 or more per showing. But Sam’s Club often sells discounted gift cards for movie theater conglomerates, such as AMC, Regal, and Studio Movie Grill. Current deals include:

● Cinemark Theatres – gift card for two adult tickets for $16.98

● Studio Movie Grill – two $25 gift cards for $39.98

● AMC Movie Theatres – $45 gift card for $42.98

Make sure to double-check any fine print on these gift cards, as sometimes they can’t be used for every showing.

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