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2 types of Cottonelle flushable wipes recalled for bacterial contamination

Two varieties of Cottonelle wipes may contain a bacteria that can lead to infection for some people.

The maker of Cottonelle has recalled two varieties of flushable wipes because they may contain a bacteria that can lead to infections in some people.

Kimberly-Clark is recalling specific lots of Cottonelle Flushable Wipes and Cottonelle GentlePlus Flushable Wipes sold in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. They were manufactured between Feb. 7 and Sept. 14, 2020.

Kimberly-Clark says the wipes may contain Pluralibacter gergoviae. While the bacterium is naturally occurring and generally is not a problem for healthy people, those with weakened immune systems are at increased risk of infection, the company said in a recall alert.

The company said there is currently a low rate of non-serious complaints such as irritation and minor infection due to the recalled wipes. But anyone who is experiencing a medical-related issue should stop using the wipes and contact a medical provider.

Kimberly-Clark has set up a website where customers can look up the lot number on the packaging to see if they have the recalled wipes. They can also call customer service at 1-800-414-0165 or through an online contact form and ask for a reimbursement.

Credit: Kimberly-Clark
This image from Kimberly-Clark shows where to look for lot numbers on varieties of Cottonelle flushable wipes that may be under recall.

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