GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — Tax day has arrived and Uncle Sam says it's time to pay up!

You have until midnight today to e-file or postmark your 2018 returns.

On April 12, the IRS said about 50 million taxpayers still needed to file their tax returns. If you are among those procrastinators, fear not.

For example, if you can’t complete and file by midnight, you can file for an extension until Oct. 15. You can request an extension by visiting the IRS website or through most tax preparation software companies.  

And, the creator of Taxes Served is prepared for a flood of procrastinators.

Andre Ellis, who left his job on Wall Street, created a platform to fulfill a need. He now consults for Fortune 500 companies in the Twin Cities.

Ellis calls his software the Uber of taxes. The software pairs you with a tax professional in your city. You simply enter your zip code and it will find a tax expert in your area. Ellis said while it is important to meet deadlines, he encourages last-minute procrastinators not to rush when filing their taxes.

“We are supporting those who need to amend their taxes and also for those who need to file extensions and set up payment plan options,” he said. “There are a number of people who rush to get their taxes completed by the tax deadline and end up having to amend their tax return because they either made a mistake or forgot to include some information that would increase their total refund.”

Another important note for procrastinators: If you're mailing your tax returns, not every post office is staying open late.