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Subscription gifts, curated gift boxes a trendy giving solution

Companies in the Twin Cities are cashing in on the trend and offering to help take the guesswork out of gift giving.

MINNEAPOLIS - There are about 5.7 million subscription shoppers in the U.S. today.

“Name a category these days whether you like beer, whether you're a dog lover whether you like craft projects there is a box for you,” says Alison Kaplan, Style Editor for MSP Magazine.

Companies in the Twin Cities are cashing in on the trend and offering to help take the guesswork out of gift giving. Like Cooper & Kid, who posts a package quarterly, filled with educational activates for "cool dads" to take on with their kids.

Nicole Smaglick, the founder and owner of Cooper & Kid, insists “it’s infused from beginning to end our main goal is really parent and child having a really awesome time together and exploring the world together and when you explore the world together you're learning.”

Cooper & Kid

The Northeast Minneapolis-based business suggests putting a bow on a subscription box if you're struggling to find the perfect present for a dad or mom.

“In the holidays everybody gets a lot of stuff, you get a lot of gifts well if you give a subscription over time and divide up the dollars; your loved one is going to something June and in March and that's really unique and really special and have that all year round,” says Smaglick. Plus, “the level of curation by an expert – the vetted experiences the vetted products you don't have to necessarily take that risk.”

If a monthly commitment is too much to handle this holiday season, Kaplan has a solution.

“People are also interested in gift boxes that are not necessarily subscription just a one-off, do it for holiday, send them a gift and one and done.

Minny and Paul is a local company and their whole business is gift boxes.

Laura Waldman is the founder of Minny and Paul.

Laura Waldman is the founder of Minny and Paul

"The boxes can be filled with Minnesota goods from 12 themed boxes, like The Rustic Box which has always been our most popular kind since the beginning. It’s got coasters, a bottle opener, it has chocolate, a candle in there, and a little Minnesota magnet, so that’s the go to easy Minnesota gift,” says Waldman. The website also offers a customized option.

“The products range from candles from out in Bloomington, honey from St Paul, and we've got a perfume that's out in Dundy, Minnesota so really all over the state,” says the Minnesota native.

The Minny and Paul boxes range from $55.00 to $108.00.

Cooper and Kid are offering KARE 11 viewers an 11% discount on any purchase, use the code word KARE11 at checkout.