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Take KARE of Your Money: Cheap golfing

We snuck off to Eagle Lake Golf Course in Plymouth to get some expert advice.

The clubs, the shoes, the clothes, the fees. We get it. It isn’t cheap. But, you don't have to let the green keep you off the greens. (see what we did there?) Okay, no more dad jokes, just tips.

We snuck off to Eagle Lake Golf Course in Plymouth to get some expert advice. The course, which is part of the Three Rivers Park District has a mission to get more people playing golf, especially kids.

"We offer a ton of scholarships to over 100 kids here to get more kids into our golf programs and allow them that access that they might not have otherwise,” says Parker Hill, Junior Golf Instructor.

Eagle lake already has low greens fees, but family season passes are a way to save money for those who really want to make the most of the summer. Super. But what about the more than 500 other courses in the state? Try these ideas.

Golf late.
Most courses offer twilight pricing. The sun's still out, so plenty of time to get a round in before it gets dark.

Skip the Cart.
Walk. It's the cheaper, healthier version of golf.

“Push carts are usually only a few dollars too if you struggle carrying your bag,” says Hill.

Buy Used.
Buy your balls and your clubs used. You can get them at second-hand stores or pick up a set on Craig’s List. Better yet, if you only plan to play a once or twice a summer, rent them.

"Here at Eagle Lake it's $4 for a junior to rent a set of clubs, $8 for an adult,” Hill says.

Go online.
There are several sites that offer deals on rounds of golf. Golf Now, Twin Cities golf and teeoff.com are just a few. There are many other resources that are helpful too. The Minnesota Golf Association has a list of all courses in the state and links to their sites.

Skip the wardrobe.
The wardrobe?  Don't even worry about it.

"Courses like this, where we're just trying to get as many people out here to enjoy the weather, enjoy a little golf, we don't have any specific dress code. You could come out here in basketball shorts and a t-shirt if you wanted to,” says Hill.

Shop off-season.
If you want to look the part, shop off-season for your duds. They’re likely to be on-sale during winter months.

 Get a part-time gig.

If you're super serious about learning or playing the game, try a part time job at a course. This one works best for retirees or kids.

It usually comes with free golf...and well...there's nothing cheaper than free.