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The business side of PRIDE and the rainbow of inclusion

Twin Cities marketing expert says more Minnesota companies are using diversity to get it right!

PLYMOUTH, Minnesota — June is PRIDE Month. A growing number of Minnesota companies is taking steps to promote diversity and inclusion through their advertising. Whether it’s a toilet paper commercial featuring a same sex couple or brand logos in Pride parades, this trend is here to stay.

Media Bridge Advertising marketing director Giselle Ugarte says, "We’re seeing a focus on diversity on everything from donating to human rights organizations to creating rainbow merchandise to sponsoring PRIDE parades around the country. 

It’s a trend we saw in Super Bowl 52 and the NCAA Men's Final Four. You’re not just seeing the “perfect” model or the “typical” American family. You’re seeing models with different body shapes and colors and differently-abled bodies. 

Not all families look the same. If you’re selling a home or doing a home project, you might target the head of household, but that’s not necessarily a man. Also, moms may not be the ones who are buying groceries, and they don’t necessarily stay at home.

There’s not one single type of consumer. Americans look different, participate in different cultures, and believe different things. For those consumers who are able to see someone who looks like themselves in an ad or on a billboard, it makes them feel like they’re part of the culture of the brand."

However, increasing diversity can also open up brands to potential backlash. Ugarte says, “There definitely can be push-back. People who are part of these communities may be thinking corporations are trying to monetize our differences. However, having diversity can lead to more authentic representations."