HOPKINS, Minn. - Mill City Sound has a trove of hidden gems. There are thousands of records music lovers can thumb through. And then there's owner Rob Sheely's music vault downstairs with brand new shelves for records he still can’t believe he owns.

“Here's a Temptations,” Sheely said holding up the band’s vinyl record. “This is from the 60's you shouldn't find this this way...they just shouldn't exist.”

In January, he hauled home 100,000 unopened records from a basement in Texas. Their existence is thanks to a record store owner in Big Spring, Texas who never sent back his unsold records. Instead he kept them in his basement for more than thirty years. When the owner died the records were passed down to his children who found Sheeley.

“I called my wife right away and she said I had to sit down because I was hyperventilating I was going to fall down,” he said.

There are so many records Sheeley hasn't been able to sort them all.
The ones he has are on the wall in his store and customers are taking notice, even the young ones.

“They want to buy a record and they love the album cover and the ability of putting it on and turning it over and putting a needle on,” he said.

Sheeley plans to expand the store so he can display for albums this spring.