MINNEAPOLIS — Aww sunshine, how we've missed you.

It's amazing, after the month we've had, what a little sun can do.

But in case it's not enough, here are 11 things to look forward to this spring, just in case you forgot what life was like without cold and snow.

#11:  Farmers Markets

You remember right? Local people selling locally grown things you can eat?

The Minneapolis Lyndale market opens up April 20th.

#10:  Flower Shows

Because there are other colors than just white snow.

Don't believe me? Just check out the two shows going on right now at Como Zoo and the Arboretum.

#9:  Spring Break

A time to hit the road, or fly down south like the birds do, and don't forget to take the kids along with you.

#8:  Firing up the Grill.

The smell of charcoal alone should get you excited for spring.

#7:  Rooftop Bars and Patios.

Eating and drinking outside? What could be better?

They typically start popping up as early as March, April at the latest.

#6:  Outdoor Concerts.

With Soundset, Rock the Garden, the Basilica Block Party and Music at the Zoo, there's something for everyone.

#5:  Governor’s Fishing Opener.

This year the fishing opener is May 9th- 12th in Albert Lea.

So, get out there and catch the big one.

#4:  Twins Home Opener.

This year it's March 28th, so it might still be cold, but don't worry, the team's giving out winter vests to the first 30,000 fans just in case.

#3:  First Home Game at Allianz Field

The Minnesota United soccer team plays its first "real" home game ever April 13th.

#2:  Warm Weather.

Just two months from now the average high temp will be 58 degrees.

And the record high? 91 degrees!

The record was set April 15th of 2002.

#1:  More Daylight.

In two months we'll have an extra three hours and fifteen minutes of sunlight!

Just imagine a world where the sun doesn't set at five o'clock?

If you're not smiling by now, maybe it's because you just love winter, or maybe you just need a little more inspiration.

If that's the case check out the KARE-11 Facebook and Twitter pages to see what gets other people excited about spring.