MINNEAPOLIS - The culinary king of Minneapolis is back at it again.

Chef Gavin Kaysen is adding to his successful collection of restaurants, Spoon and Stable in Minneapolis and Wayzata's Bellecour, with a fresh, new concept in a small space to be called Demi.

Kayysen new joint_1541782882591.jpg.jpg
Super Chef Gavin Kaysen has a new venture right behind Spoon and Stable, this one called Demi.

We recently caught up with the busy owner and executive chef to chat about the upcoming dining spot.

Here's 11 things you need to know, from Chef Kaysen ...

  1. The name comes from the word, "Demitasse," which means half spoon or little spoon. And since the restaurant will be located right behind Spoon and Stable -- and is about a third of the size -- it's perfect.
  2. It's a 20-seat, counter-only tasting menu restaurant.
  3. There's no bar. It's only a lounge, in which we curate a cocktail (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), based solely off your desires or preferences.
  4. The building used to be a coffee factory, called Barrington Hall, that was built in the late 1800s.
  5. We found a really beautiful poem by a woman named Lucile and it's written all about how things are important to find and be a part of in life but no person can live without good food and good cooks.
  6. My wife designed the restaurant, along with Shea, Inc.
  7. My brother is helping to create some amazing, very personal pieces for us. He's a woodworker and artist. So it's a family operation.
  8. A local artist will take the old invoice booklets that we found from the late 1800s, from Barrington Hall Coffee, and create an art piece that will be on display in the restaurant.
  9. Why have a third restaurant? A lot of it is motivated by the team we have. We have an incredible team both at Spoon and Stable and Bellecour.
  10. We have two potters that are making all of our dishes by hand.
  11. We plan to open Demi by the end of January or early February.

For the latest information about Demi, click here.