ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. -- After recent violence against police across the nation, one couple is showing support for local police, and the community is getting on board.

On Wednesday Jodi Johnston-Benifield and her husband Brian had 150 lawn signs made as a 'thank you' to their local police department.


"Violence does not help violence, so this is to show the police that we're on their side too," said Brian. "Not everybody's against them."

It wasn't long before neighbors came calling. By Friday, signs were seen in lawns across the city.

"I think it's nice to give officers a pat on the back for the job that they do," said Michael Niemann, who picked up a sign after his wife saw a post about it on Facebook.

The signs were sold out by sunset Friday, but they've ordered more.

"The power of 'thank you' goes a long way," said Jodi. "Every day we aren't able to thank a cop for keeping us safe. This way, when they're patrolling the streets, they are able to see 'thank you' hopefully everywhere they go in the city."

The Benifields charged $5 per sign. They are giving what's left over after their cost to the St. Louis Park Police Department.

They say their goal is to have a sign on every street corner.