MINNEAPOLIS - Hundreds of cars are still snowed in after the winter storm this weekend.

Those owners are the lucky ones, because their cars are still there.

The city of Minneapolis handed out 694 tickets Sunday, along with nearly 250 tows.

"I didn't know that one foot of snow could get you that stuck," Faith Mallory says.

Mallory was among dozens owners who stopped by the city impound lot Monday afternoon.

She says her car was towed Sunday morning because she couldn't dig it out.

"It was impossible to get out. Even with me and my 12-year-old daughter kicking the snow out from the front, it still just buried us," Mallory says.

Mallory says the tow itself cost her $138, plus an additional $18 for every day it's parked at the impound lot.

"I recommend you not keep your car in there for more than one day," Mallory laughs.

Minneapolis engineer Lisa Cerney says the city held off until Sunday to execute a snow emergency so residents would have an extra day to dig out.

"We consciously made that decision to wait in order to help people out," Cerney says.

The other reason the city waited until Sunday was because the snow showed no signs of stopping.

"We focused on the heavily traveled areas fist and now we're focused on the residential streets and sidewalks," Cerney says.

City crews will be out again Tuesday clearing sidewalks and streets.

For more information on the city's snow emergency restrictions, click here.