SPRING LAKE PARK, Minn. - Another Minnesota high school is being investigated after racist graffiti was found on a wall in the girl's bathroom.

According to the principal at Spring Lake Park High School, the graffiti was found Thursday afternoon and was promptly removed after a student reported it to staff.

The graffiti used the "N-word" and another derogatory term with the message, "Go back to your home!"

Edited Spring Lake Park high school graffiti pic
<p>Racist graffiti was also found in a bathroom at Spring Lake Park High School.</p>

In a letter sent to parents, Principal Jane Stevenson said the incident is being investigated, both by the school and by Spring Lake Park Police. She said criminal charges are possible.

This comes a day after racist graffiti was found in a Maple Grove High School locker room. That incident prompted a school walk out on Thursday and a peaceful protest planned for Friday.

Here's the full letter:

Dear SLPHS Families and Students:

I write to you to share information about a situation that came to our attention earlier today, and is one that does not reflect the core values of our school and community.

Earlier this afternoon, a student came to a staff member to report disrespectful, inappropriate and racially offensive graffiti written on a wall in a girls’ restroom. The restroom was locked and the graffiti was removed from the wall. Photographs of the graffiti were taken and shared by students through social media before the graffiti was reported to staff.

We are involving the Spring Lake Park Police Department and conducting our own investigation to determine who wrote this on the wall. Once identified, the student or students will be disciplined according to district policy and referred to the police for potential criminal charges.

I certainly understand that emotions may be running high after this week’s election. However, we will not tolerate any statements, actions or behavior that violate our policies on harassment or discrimination. We have and will continue to work to make our school a place where each and every students feels safe, valued and has a sense of belonging.

I hope that we can continue to engage in conversations about race that allow us to understand and respect each other, and ensure each individual feels safe and welcome. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Jane Stevenson
Principal, SLPHS