Parents, how well do you know your kids?

A new study out claims you might know less than you think you do, especially when it comes to thoughts about death and dying.

A survey of more than 5000 kids and parents found some sobering statistics. 

50 percent of parents were unaware that their children were having suicidal thoughts. A whopping 70 percent of parents didn't know their kids often thought about death or dying. 

"Also with ethnic minority families the parents were more likely to not be aware," Clinical Psychologist and co-author of the new study Dr. Rhonda Boyd said.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people ages 10-24 and it's preventable.

"It's important for parents to realize that they can have these conversations and that having these conversations do not lead the kid to think about killing themselves, and I think some people believe that if you talk about it makes kids think about it and that's not the truth," Boyd said.

Dr. Boyd says it's up to all of us. Kids come in contact with so many adults every day. It's more important now than ever to pay attention.

"Awareness is the first step and then figuring out how to get access to treatment," Boyd said.