ST. PAUL, Minn. - On Friday, the Bell Museum will open on the U of M's St. Paul campus in a state-of-the-art building featuring a new planetarium, space exhibit, and vibrant dioramas.

"We are the states natural history museum we are nearly 150 years old. In our new home, we are the museum for the 21st century," said Holly Menninger. "People are astounded by our newly restored and reinterpreted wildlife diorama they are truly artistic and scientific. Through that restoration process they just pop with color."

In the Bell Museum, they have a touch and see lab where you can touch and feel everything and also, guests are able to pick up a giant hippo jaw bone.

There are also stations in the lab where you can learn about different reptiles. Outside the Museum, there is a new five-acre learning landscape which will showcase native plants, ponds all along a trail.

The museum is scheduled to open on Friday, July 13.

For information on the grand opening event and to get tickets, click here.