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Action on Climate Change heats up in Metro

Residents in Minnetonka are pushing city leaders to take more action on climate change.

You can see the signs throughout the metro area in Minnesota.

Jennifer Munt see's those signs at Lone Lake Park in Minnetonka.

"We had flooding. Our dock is underwater," said Munt.

She says it's time for more action in her hometown.

"For me this is about air, the water and the soil for future generations," said Munt.

She is with the organization Minnetonka Climate Initiative and plans to call on city leaders to take more action on climate change.

"Believe it's time for our city to make an investment. Three things. Create a sustainability commission. Hire a consultant for a climate action plan and implement that plan," said Munt.

A city spokesperson says the city is already planning to set aside money for climate action.

There could be more similar discussions throughout the metro.

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Minneapolis's Director of Sustainability says the city allocated millions of dollars a year preparing for climate change.

"Put in place advanced energy efficient code. Energy efficient benchmarking as well as energy evaluations for home," said Havey.

He admits more money will be needed to better prepare.

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"It is going to be a cleaner, greener, healthier future if we can make this transition, but we need to do it quickly," said Havey.

"Climate is an existential threat," said Munt. "Number one issue facing everyone on our planet."