SHAKOPEE, Minn. - The last nine months for Rosie Taylor have been tough.

“Very hard,” she said.

With her children grown, Rosie's companion at home for 12 years had been her Sheltie-mix, Abby.

In March during a family trip, she left Abby to be kenneled at Burnsville groomer Pampered Paws.

At the end of the weekend, Rosie's daughter Tina went there to pick Abby up.

“And Abby was lying there in a box, and they told me what happened, that Abby had gotten out and was running away and was hit by a car and killed,” Tina Heller said.

Rosie was devastated.

“Just very sad. Guilty. I felt bad that I left her there,” Taylor said.

That devastation came back to her Monday night, when Rosie saw on KARE 11 that another incident at the same kennel happened to another family. A Shih-Tzu mix got away from a worker and spent three days in sub-zero temperatures.

“Oh I was shocked. I was just shocked,” Taylor said.

“You know, thankfully last night's story had a happy ending. Unlike what happened to my mom's dog,” Heller said.

Pampered Paws' owner Kim Duffrin told KARE 11 off-camera that Po, the Shih Tzu mix, snapped at a worker who took him out to go to the bathroom, then escaped under the fence.

And Duffrin said in the other incident, Abby managed to push open a door and escape across the street, where she was hit.

“It's just something that doesn't have to happen,” Taylor said.

“Research where you're bringing them. Read the reviews. Know where you're taking your loved pet,” Heller said.

Duffrin said she's devastated by the two instances and that after Abby escaped, she increased security measures. Following the most recent incident, Duffrin says they will ask owners additional information about pets, such as if they have a tendency to bite or run.