NEW PRAGUE, Minn. – When Tim Goldsmith let his workers go home early Monday, he also needed to provide a push.

The New Prague optometrist helped push his workers’ cars from under a foot of snow.

“First people went home about 3:00 (Monday afternoon) whoever lived the farthest away we sent them home first,” Goldsmith said.

By mid-afternoon, most of New Prague’s downtown stores had closed. A couple of bars and pizza places were among the few businesses that remained open.

“I know the roads are bad, but people are still hungry and they want their food. Got to give them what they want,” said Johnny Deneffe, as he left Domino’s to deliver a pizza.

The snow dumped about a foot of snow on New Prague, which also found itself dealing with fierce winds.

“This is like the old days where you get a good snow, and not this little wimpy snow,” said Goldsmith, holding two fingers a couple inches apart.

Nearby, Sara Zendner and her friends shoveled away a snow drift to free a strangers’ car from a downtown New Prague parking lot.

“Another lady got stuck over here, another lady got stuck over there,” said Zender pointing, “so trying to clear all of this out for everybody.”

The grateful recipient of the friends’ kindness gave a quick wave on her way by.

“It’s awesome,” she said. “Our community is the best.”