ST. PAUL -- The gentle rise of steam from the District Energy building in St. Paul is a familiar sight by day or night, but this winter, it becomes an atmospheric canvas for art.

The Plume Project is a trilogy of work by separate artists. It started in November, and now in late January, its entering its final stage with the Plume Coloring Contest, which is an idea the artist has had for awhile.

"Mine came from those newspaper coloring contests. I was excited to see my name in the paper and this is a different version of that." said Asia Ward. Artist for the Plume Project.

Students from around Minnesota helped to create the project, now they can show off their own art.

"This image that you are looking at is called direct connection. It was submitted from a student from Harding High School....There is a giant sun, and a earth. And the extension cord is plugging in from the earth to the sun." said Ward.

If you are interested in submitting your own artwork to show up on the plume, they are still taking submissions! Visit The Plume Project homepage to send in your work.