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Ayd Mill Road in St. Paul to get makeover sooner

Many drivers have been complaining of potholes along the busying stretch of road.

Public pothole complaints are finally paying off on a busy stretch of road in St. Paul.

The city is now planning to move up repaving work on Ayd Mill Road by two years.

It's hard to find someone who doesn't know about the road.

"Has the sign that says rough road because that's what it is," said Allison Pitts in St. Paul.

Scott Bruce has a piece of advice.

"Do not drive down there. It's dangerous," he said.

Dangerous for your car as well.

"Ayd Mill keeps us busy," said Ethan Derhy at Signal Garage Auto Care.

He got a car in not too long ago that was a victim of Ayd Mill.

"That one, the whole rim came apart and wheel came apart," said Derhy.

Horror stories aside, we do have some good news after so many complaints.

"This year we're going to do a mill and overlay for that stretch of road," said Lisa Hiebert with St. Paul Public Works.

She says instead of 2021, crews will begin a 3.5 million dollar project on the one and half mile stretch this year.

"Because of a residential project that didn't happen we have some money and we were able to move it up," said Hiebert.

No specific date has been set for this project.

Many drivers say the sooner the better.