BAYPORT, Minn. - To the Warners, time has mostly stood still since the summer.

"It doesn't seem like it's been several months, but it's been a few months," Michael Warner said.

For both Michael and Stacy Warner, it's still hard to relive the terrifying moments on that summer day at the Apple Valley Aquatic Center when they learned their son had fallen 31 feet to the ground after police say he was pushed off a slide.

However, as evidenced Saturday at Woody's Bar and Grill in Bayport, they were never alone.

"We're just incredibly grateful for the outpouring from the community, from our neighbors, friends and family that has occurred in the last few months since the day it happened," Stacy said.

The Warners say they decided not to dwell on what happened that day because they're now in awe, watching their son win his battles.

"Sawyer improves every week, sometimes a little bit, sometimes it seems dramatic," Michael said.

Inside the restaurant, it's hard to ignore the superhero-themed decor. Many of the employees there were wearing superhero shirts as well.

Mary Peterson, Sawyer's aunt says that was all a part of the plan.

"We keep telling him that he's his own real-life superhero to fall from that magnitude and have minor injuries," Peterson said.

With love and support from the community, the Warners say they're waiting for the day Sawyer is 100 percent once again.

"He's a tough little dude, he was so brave in the hospital," Michael said.