CHASKA, Minn. — A dark cloud has hovered over Chaska High School.

The school principal Jim Bach is at the center of two petitions. One to keep him, the other pushing for his termination.

This month, the yearbook was delayed after a photo of student in blackface made it to print.

In April, two white students created a google map with images of black students called Negro hill.

And Wednesday, Chaska students used hair to promote healthy conversations following some of the recent incidents linked to racism.

The student-led activist team, "Voices: UNDIVIDED" hosted a writing and poetry session.

Participants were encouraged to wear their  natural hair and no makeup to celebrate and empower students of color with their natural bodies, hair, and beauty.

“We are trying to build up our school body and spread positive change after the racist incidents. Hair is just a part of it. A small part of accepting the natural beauty of people of color. If we feel more accepted in our high school in light of the racists incidents that have been happening, then we might be able to spread positive change,” organizer Faith Blackstone said. “Our student body is very divided right now and we thought it would be a great opportunity to bring education of our culture and create positive love in our school. "

There have been other efforts in Chaska to address the racism. For example, that city's mayor outlined a plan of action which includes bringing an implicit bias workshop to Chaska for diversity training.