MINNEAPOLIS - When the team is hot and the temps are cold, you can learn a lot about what kind of fan you are.

Below-zero temperatures kept the casual fans at home on Sunday when the Vikings played the Bears, leaving more room for the die hards.

"It's probably 30 degrees in there," said Topher Baron, motioning to the tailgating tent. "Whereas it's, what? Negative 30 out here?"

The cold weather did appear to be too much for a few Vikings fans. Some of the seasoned tailgaters told KARE 11's Gordon Severson that normally on a Sunday, all of the spots in the lot would be filled with cars.

"We love our fair weather fans too," said Baron. "It's OK."

It wasn't just veteran tailgaters out on Sunday, though.

"This is our first time tailgating," said Josh Ramirez. "We'll look back on this and say we did it. ... It's colder than I thought it would be, for sure."

Fans at the stadium couldn't beat the cold either, with the longest security lines some fans say they have ever seen.

"It's Minnesota, it's why we live here," said Vikings fan Deb Hamer.

And as it turned out, Sunday marked a cold ending to a winning season, with the Vikings beating the Bears 23-10 to secure a first-round bye -- and fans toasting to a hot playoff run in the new year.