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Minnesota company reimagines how we give to charity

4Giving is a free online platform that allows charities to keep more of their donations.

We've heard a lot this year about how some charities are hurting with annual fundraisers cancelled and donations down. It's forced many non-profits to reimagine the way they ask for funds. And a new Minnesota company is trying to help navigate that.

“Just make it easy for organizations to start collecting funds, to event fundraise, and make it easy for donors to give as well,” says Cory Kampschroer with 4Giving.

4Giving is a free online fundraising platform. It costs the organization nothing to use and they get 100% of your donations. So, how do they plan to stay afloat?

“At the time a donor chooses to give, they have an optional tip feature, if a donor doesn't want to tip, that's fine, that's no problem,” says Kampschroer.

Lakes Area Food Shelf in Brainerd Lakes has partnered with 4Giving to help expand their reach, without losing funds to fees that some other giving platforms take.

“Being able to go through online and actually get the whole donation is fantastic for us,” says Tammy Larsen with Lake Area Food Shelf.

And unlike a gala, golf event, or singular day of giving each year, the platform is designed with technology to allow year round opportunities to donate.

“If you go to the Dairy Queen, and you spend $10, and you know that the Dairy Queen is giving $2 to the food shelf; how could we capture that moment, right then and there, and say hey if you want to give more, here's a QR code that's on your bag,” says Larsen.

For smaller charities like Lakes Area Food shelf, it helps bring them into the digital world, keep more of their donations, and reach more people. The way we do just about everything is being reimagined this year and so is the way we give.

"How do you take that moment of generosity, when you capture them and make that friction free for them to give,” says Kampschroer.