There is a helpless feeling that can come to those watching from afar as fellow human beings struggle in the wake of a natural disaster like Hurricane Florence. Homes and belongings accumulated over a lifetime are ruined, families separated and livelihoods wiped out, sidetracked or placed on temporary hold.

Well, you don't have to feel helpless ... you can HELP.

Support any of these four national charities, as they provide disaster relief to those affected by Hurricane Florence.

1. American Red Cross

2. The Salvation Army

3. The Humane Society

4. Habitat for Humanity

These charities have partnered with this station and with the St. Paul and Minnesota Community Foundations, to provide immediate relief throughout the regions affected by Florence. Teams are currently assessing shelter and housing needs. Long-term plans will be determined after these evaluations.

Donate to the American Red Cross

Donate to The Salvation Army

Donate to The Humane Society

Donate to Habitat For Humanity

What happens when you make your donation?

Funds donated to the Florence Disaster Relief Fund are collected and distributed by the Minnesota Community Foundation. Funds donated will be donated from the Minnesota Community Foundation to the nonprofit organization you have chosen to support.

About Minnesota Community Foundation

Founded in 1949, Minnesota Community Foundation is an innovative leader in philanthropy. Recent creative ventures include and the Minnesota Idea Open. The Foundation helps Minnesota donors support the causes and communities that matter most to them. Learn more at

Other ways to help

Give Blood

Red Cross

To find a Red Cross blood drive, click here


There are many organizations and faith-based groups that have active disaster programs and need volunteers.

National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster

Here's the link to volunteer in North Carolina.

Here's the link to volunteer in South Carolina.

Here's the link to volunteer in Georgia.

And the link to volunteer in Virginia.