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'Humans Get Together' unites community and industry to shape the future in St. Paul

Something special is happening in downtown St. Paul March 24 at the St Paul Event Center. Humans are gathering together again.
Credit: Brandon Diebold

ST PAUL, Minn. — Humans Get Together founder Jeff Aguy believes an economy that works for, and includes everyone is not only possible, but becomes the likely outcome when institutions of power and communities work together in sustained partnership. 

The old saying people do business with people who they know, like, or trust” is a reality that has far-reaching implications for those who lack historical networks, access to capital, and institutional knowledge. As a result, community inequities persist, the racial wealth gap grows and we lose critical opportunities for innovation. 

Humans Get Together (HGT) is a program of 2043 that curates spaces for impactful relationship building with a focus on inclusivity. The company offers a wide variety of experience-based gatherings, creating events that feel natural, have direction and make all attendees feel welcomed and safe. 

Aguy's goal is to foster economic growth by bringing together private, public, and philanthropic partners with innovators and entrepreneurs who are often missing from the deal-making process. 

Let’s Shape the Future is an event on Thursday, March 24 that is centered around innovation. Let's Shape the Future will be a fun and psychologically safe way to connect industry leaders, creatives, and the community through immersive technology and art. Speaker themes include tech, entrepreneurship, retail, and more. The event begins with a conversation with Katherine Johnson, Sarah Edwards, Brian Skalak, and Le’Spencer Walker on ways we can work together to shape the future both across the nation and in the Twin Cities. It concludes with what HGT does best, a safe and fun curated networking experience featuring art from Jordan Wiebe and Virtual Reality from Rem5 Virtual Reality Laboratory

Let’s Shape the Future, presented by Target, also represents the importance of human-centered partnerships between corporations and community organizations.  At Target, the newly established Merchandising Vendor Development (MVD) team is dedicated and committed to delivering opportunities to build equity for WMBEs across the nation. That is inclusive of women, Black, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islanders, LGBTQ, veteran, and physically disabled business owners. The team works to identify, onboard, and provide business coaching/mentoring for diverse-owned business partners throughout their retail journey. 

Director of Merchandising Vendor Development Le’Spencer Walker explains the value proposition for Target and community: “Retail can be difficult but within those difficulties lies success and JOY, that is why Target is determined to make changes in places that haven’t seen change for decades. Most importantly, MVD strives to take human-centric actions while remaining business-focused. The combination of that mindset with our experience will evolve retail. I am proud to be a part of the Target team leading this charge and partner with Humans Get Together to bring it to life!”

A partnership with national implications that will drive business for local diverse vendors beginning in the  Minneapolis-Saint Paul region is the kind of impact these Humans Get Together gatherings aim to have. Guests will also have the opportunity to connect with three unique vendors: The Get Down Coffee Co. from founder Houston White, Sunsett.io from founder Jasmine Russell and Black Tech Talent from founder Mike Jackson.

Demand has been strong as event organizers have sold out and are striving to find room for guests on the growing waiting list

Jeff Aguy is from a small village in Haiti and has seen the power of collaboration during his 10-year entrepreneurship journey. He has been in rooms that have only been possible because someone invited him. His vision is for a future when the invitations are open and the rooms are bigger. 

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