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‘The Teen Whisperer’ Jason Clopton dies after cancer battle; Family remembers his legacy

For the family of 37-year-old Jason Clopton - more affectionately known as the "Teen Whisperer,” he was that and so much more.

MINNEAPOLIS — Everyone dreams of being a "hero."

“Jason was a very sensitive child always and he always had the ability to make connections,” said Kelly Wright.

But for the family of 37-year-old Jason Clopton - most affectionately known as the "Teen Whisperer,” he was that and so much more.

“I told him that he was my hero because I couldn't believe that everything he was going through,” said Wright, Jason’s mother. “He would wake up every morning praying, keeping God first,” she said.

His sister, Jasmine, says helping kids and teens in need as a mental health counselor - was his "life's mission."

“His journey was so intricate to who he was, and the type of person he was, and when he wanted to go full throttle with his counseling we were like, "OMG, you're already doing that,” she said. “That's what you have done for so many people in our family."

But around this time last year, Clopton's family received devastating news. He was diagnosed with a rare cancer called acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

“We found out almost a year ago to date, he wasn't feeling well, he kept going to the hospital, they weren't getting it right, and we said that you need to go to Mayo Clinic," Wright said.

But even through his battle to survive, his life's work never stopped.

“He was asking us, "do you need to talk about it, you can talk to me about it," Wright said. “And he was counseling us and he was the one who was sick."

His mother says through mourning the loss of her son, she was able to find comfort in the messages from those whose lives he touched.

“I sat there with tears in my eyes just reading it, and I guess I didn't even realize the depth of the impact he had until reading the messages,” she said.

His legacy will now live on with his wife and three daughters.

“She’s been with every step of the way, for him, the girls they went through a traumatic time,” Wright said. “His girls meant the world to him, he was literally the best dad," said Jasmine.

And through the memories.

“I remember in third grade my mom was so mad at me because they were like, “who are your heroes, and I said my brother," Jasmine said.

A hero, who gave everything he had, like in the game of basketball. Never giving up and fighting hard until the very end.

“His position in basketball, he was a point guard and I would tell him he was at the top for a reason, and now he's at the top, top, getting to watch the whole play,” said Jasmine. “He said mom I am going to fight it, I'm tough, fight it to the end, and that's exactly what he did,” said Kelly.

The family says they’re hoping to continue the “Teen Whisperer" legacy.

Funeral arrangements are being planned. To help the family with the Jason Clopton Memorial Fund, visit the GoFundMe link here

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