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Man looking to find his stolen snow plow truck

Ed Irwin's snow plowing business has employed youth so they would stay connected to their community. Now his truck, along with several snow blowers, is missing.

MINNEAPOLIS — Retirement for Ed Irwin doesn't look much like rest. Many days he is out shoveling or plowing snow, working along several young people he has hired.

"I have a social entrepreneurship project that I started several years ago, working with young people, young adults and elders trying to bring them together," Irwin said.

Part of that work involves shoveling snow in the winter. That's what he was doing with Crystal Colbert on December 18. He said he was finishing up the sidewalks outside of St. James AME Church in Minneapolis.

"We just had to shovel the walk, so we stopped the truck, got out shoveled the walks, only would've been a couple of minutes," he said. "I think a car was probably following us. They drove up, a person jumped out, got into my truck and then they drove both vehicles away. The truck was off, but the keys were in the truck."

"All of a sudden I heard Mr. Ed screaming and I dropped my shovel and ran to the front, and the car was gone," Colbert said.

The Chevy Silverado had a plow attachment, several snow blowers, and many of Irwin's personal belongings, including his phone inside.

His daughter, Nieshea Smith said it felt like a gut punch.

"To hear my dad say that he is devastated by a community he's worked so hard to pour into, and has poured into, it's heartbreaking for me to hear that as his daughter," Smith said.

However, Smith said she was heartened to see the community step up. A Gofundme has been set up, with the goal of making Irwin whole.

"I know my dad is a very selfless person, and sometimes-- our elders and our community members--we almost use them to depletion, and we forget to fill them back up," Smith said. "So I really want to use this opportunity to fill him back up and to honor him."

"I'm confident everything will work out for the best," Irwin said. "I have no animosity or hatred for those who stole the truck or vehicle. I just hope they use it wisely, and for good."

Irwin said he is still hoping to get his truck back, and if he does, he said he will donate the Gofundme money to charity. They are looking for a metallic grey Chevy Silverado, maybe with a black and yellow plow attachment and snow blowers. 

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