The team from Coon Rapids/Andover will have to wait one more day to play in the Little League World Series.

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They were expected to take the field Thursday evening, but weather in Williamsport wasn't cooperating. No matter when the team plays it has a lot of
support back here in Minnesota.

In the hometown of our local little league all-stars.

Nick Wolf keeps pressing away t-shirts at Rebyl Sports.

"Doing another 150 for them," said Wolf.

He's keeping up with all the community support. Everyone wants to get their hands one of those shirts.

"Response and support has been overwhelming," said owner Steve Culley.

He fell in the love with the team and what's not to love?

Their adversity, toughness and the tenacity to make it to Williamsport for the Little League World Series.

They're also making history. Their second baseman, Maddy Freking is just the 19th girl to play in the series.

"They never wavered, never changed tone," said Culley.

Perhaps the most excited is Dick LaFleur. He is the co-founder of the Coon Rapids/Andover American Little League.

He says he has waited decades to see a team make it this far.

"It would be a great honor if they won the whole ball of wax and that's what I'll be pulling for," said LaFleur. 

The team will play noon central time Friday against the Great Lakes Region team from Kentucky.

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