MINNEAPOLIS -- There's a lot of buzz surrounding reports that a new superstore chain could be coming to Minnesota.

Michigan-based Meijer is a one-stop shop with more than 220 stores in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin.

Director Deb Carlson of Cushman & Wakefield NorthMarq, a commercial real estate business in Minneapolis, told KARE 11 it's just "general chatter."

Meijer Public Relations Manager Joe Hirschmugl said in an email to KARE 11, "While Meijer is always interested in investigating new opportunities for growth, we have no plans to confirm regarding Minnesota at this time."

"It's only logical that they'd be looking at the Twin Cities for their further growth," said Jon Seltzer, a professor with the marketing department at the University of St. Thomas.

According to Seltzer, the Twin Cities would be an attractive market for the superstore chain.

"Based not only on its size and prosperity but also the network of roads. Two, three, or four suburban stores would allow them to pick off quite a bit of traffic," he said.

So how does Meijer compare to big-box retailers like Walmart or Target? Seltzer said Meijer puts more of an emphasis on its groceries.

"I think of Target as being, what I'm going to call, inexpensive but high quality. Sort of Target chic. Meijer I think of much more in terms of much more price sensitive. I see them as being fairly different," he said.

There are also rumors 365 by Whole Foods--a compact version of the store--could be coming to Minnesota. Allison Phelps with Whole Foods public relations told KARE 11 in an email, "This is just a rumor and false. There are no plans at this time."