ST. PAUL, Minn. - When Crystal Frank Shannon and her husband Jordan took a 5,000 mile road trip out west, they were not just exploring but also researching businesses they thought would be a perfect fit for their lifestyle.

"We took a trip to California and the West Coast and did a 5,000 mile trip with our daughter that was less than 5-months-old. She was a trooper. We checked them out and came back just kind of hooting' and hollering' about the positive things about it,” Jordan says.

Jordan, who has been a mechanic of foreign cars for more than 10 years and general manager of an auto shop, decided with Crystal to help others take their own adventures.

"This was just a perfect venture, perfect business opportunity for us and an adventure for us." Crystal says.

Together they started VanGo Automotive. They not only fix cars but they rent out VW Vanagon campers for people to take their own road trips. They just opened this year.

"That’s kind of what our goal is. Give people this ability from the busy lifestyle we have. Get in the woods, get in nature and be with family and friends," Jordan says.

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