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Another teen charged in downtown beating, robbery caught on camera

Surveillance footage shows a group of people surrounding a man, throwing him to the ground, and beating him.

MINNEAPOLIS — A Minneapolis teen is one of several people now charged in a downtown robbery and beating that was caught on surveillance video.

The 17-year-old is charged with felony aggravated robbery and third degree rioting in the Aug. 3 incident near Target Field.

Surveillance footage shows a group of people surrounding a man, throwing him to the ground, throwing planters on him, jumping on him and ripping off his pants and shoes, and then going through his pockets. At one point, one of the people rides a bike over the victim, according to court documents.

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The teen charged this week told investigators that he was present and pushed the victim, according to the probable cause statement filed in juvenile court. The document states that he said he "could have" hit the victim, and that he went through the man's pockets but then stopped himself.

The teen told investigators that the victim called him a racial slur, which made him angry and caused him to "black out."

Eighteen people have been charged in this robbery and another that happened early the morning of Aug. 17. Only one of those people was charged in both robberies, according to police.

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The victim of the Aug. 3 robbery told officers that he had a broken tooth, difficulty moving his hands and finger, ringing in his ears, difficulty walking, double vision, and bruising on his head, chest, arms and legs, according to the statement.