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Brooklyn Center man wants to know who took his boat … in broad daylight

Brooklyn Center police are investigating what they call a "very bold" theft.

BROOKLYN CENTER, Minnesota — Matt Zdon parked his boat, hitched it to a vehicle, in front of his home near Twin Lake in Brooklyn Center so he could take it to get gas Saturday.

That never happened.

Instead, Zdon’s security camera captured video of someone else taking the boat.

The video, which Zdon says was captured around 7 a.m., shows a black truck pull up in front of Zdon’s home. 

In a phone conversation Saturday, Zdon told KARE 11 that his home is undergoing construction work, so his neighbors didn’t think the truck, which they didn’t recognize, was necessarily a red flag.

Three people get out of the truck throughout the approximately 16 minute video. In the beginning, they appear to be checking out the area, peering into the boat and at one point even walking up on Zdon’s property.

Then, they can be seen unhitching the boat from the vehicle, before using a what police say is a tow strap to pull the boat away from the vehicle to which it was hitched. Then, they hitch the boat to the black truck and drive away.

Zdon says he was home when it happened.

“I thought it was very bold, the daylight like that. They were there for quite some time,” said Sgt. Steve Pastor with the Brooklyn Center Police Department. “That's a very quiet neighborhood for us, with a lot of long-term residents who kind of know everybody. They're very good about reporting, but it was probably just a bad time of day where people were just having their morning coffee, or whatever. But to spend that amount of time in a very quiet neighborhood that's off the beaten path, it's a little shocking to us.”

Sgt. Pastor said because of the video quality, police can't quite make out the truck's license plate, but they're working with other law enforcement agencies to enhance the video. He says they also are asking neighbors for other security camera images.

If you have any information about who did this or where the boat might be, Brooklyn Center police would like to hear from you. They want you to call them at the Hennepin County dispatch number: (952) 258-5321.


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