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CAIR-MN announces reward for information on Muslim cemetery vandalism

CAIR-MN says the building housed on the site of the planned cemetery was vandalized on Oct. 5.

DAKOTA COUNTY, Minn. — Standing united, interfaith community members gather outside Al Maghfirah cemetery near Farmington.

"The cemetery has gone through many challenges," Jaylani Hussein with CAIR-MN said.

Hussein says the building housed on the site of the planned cemetery was vandalized back on Oct. 5.

"There was a gas leak. When I came, I saw someone left behind almost 30 to 40 tires and left a huge hole in the gas line," he said.

He says a large gas pipe was cut inside the facility, and in total, vandals caused more than $150,000 in damage.

"After estimating the damage, that those who came knew how to cause the most damage, by targeting severe infrastructure," said Mohamed Osman.

This was the second time the Muslim cemetery was attacked.
Back in 2017, it was vandalized after community members say there was opposition and legal challenges to allow construction.

"We also call on our Minnesota family to help us rebuild and reject hate," said Osman.

Members of the local faith community stand in solidarity.

"The community I serve, living in the area of Castle Rock, Farmington and Rosemount, I know there are people who love their neighbors," said Karen Evenson, a local pastor.

"I just want to first say, I'm sorry that this place that is supposed to be a sacred place was vandalized," said Carin Mrotz with Jewish Community Action."That feels familiar to me. Just last month in St. Paul, more than 30 gravestones were knocked down," she said.

Members of the Muslim community are demanding answers and for the people responsible to come forward.

If you have any information, contact the Dakota County Sheriff's Office.

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