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Teen camp counselor charged with firing arrows at kids, boy injured

A witness says the 19-year-old camp counselor shot and hit an 8-year-old camper in the arm.
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MINNETRISTA, Minn. — A teenage camp counselor was charged Tuesday with firing arrows at children during a day camp in Minnetrista, allegedly injuring one in the process.

McKenzie Kim Stolt, 19, of Minneapolis, is charged with child endangerment for putting an 8-year-old boy in a situation that was "likely to substantially harm the child's physical, emotional, mental health or cause the child's death," prosecutors say.

A witness claims Stolt shot the boy in the arm with an arrow during the incident that was reported to Minnetrista police July 20.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Hennepin County, Stolt began drawing arrows after the children were done practicing at the range. The witness said Stolt told an 8-year-old to go stand "15-20 feet away from the shooting platform."

The first arrow went right between -- and underneath -- the boy's legs, the complaint says.

Stolt allegedly fired a second arrow, not only at the 8-year-old boy, but at "two or three other children" who stood by the platform as well, court documents state. The second arrow landed just short of the children, and hit the ground.

The witness says a third and final arrow hit the boy in the arm, leaving him with a minor injury. The boy began to cry and ran off the range.

The arrows Stolt allegedly shot at the children are generally used for target practice and hunting small game.

Court records say Stolt sent a note home with the boy which states the 8-year-old had "trouble listening and following directions at camp," so Stolt told the boy to go "stand in front of the archery target."

Stolt told investigators she intentionally missed the children and "did not intend to shoot the victim in the arm." The complaint also mentions that Stolt claims the boy could have moved but chose not to and therefore got hurt because of it.

The name of the day camp has not been specified in court documents or by police.

The defendant's first court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 25. If convicted, she could face a one-year maximum prison sentence.

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