MINNEAPOLIS — A man faces charges after allegedly running over four people outside a Minneapolis nightclub Friday.

Eduardo Morales, 23, of Minneapolis was charged with attempted second-degree murder and other second-degree charges, including assault with a dangerous weapon.

Officers responded to a call for a vehicle running multiple people over on North Second Ave. between Fifth and Fourth Streets in Minneapolis around 2:30 am on October 18. 

Police on scene found four victims, with one of them non-responsive and laying face-down in the street. Doctors later told officers he was in critical condition, with severe brain injuries and unlikely to survive, according to the criminal complaint.

The victims suffered a range of injuries and all four were transported to the hospital via ambulance, the complaint states.

Officers spoke with several witnesses, who said Morales and his friend had gotten into a fight with others from the nightclub outside on the street. 

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Morales asked his friend for their car keys, and got into the driver's seat of his friend's white Mercedes while his friend sat in the passenger seat.

Police say Morales suddenly reversed the vehicle running over four people, and then drove forward again, running over at least two victims that were still lying on the ground. 

Around 3:10 a.m., Morales turned himself in to police, and told them that his friend is a promoter and that the argument started with a worker from the club, who refused to pay for the promoter's services. 

Morales admitted driving the vehicle and striking the victims, but claimed it was self-defense, according to the complaint.

Officers located the vehicle used in the assault at the promoter's house, and it had severe damage to the rear bumper, windshield and driver's side mirror.

The victim who suffered severe brain injuries remains in critical condition and is unlikely to have full brain functionality if he survives.