SAUK RAPIDS, Minn. - A group home worker in Sauk Rapids is charged with two criminal counts for allegedly having sexual contact with two vulnerable adults.

A criminal complaint details how a supervisor of the group home witnessed the sexual contact between 58-year-old Patrick Arthur Jansen and one of his alleged victims, who is autistic and non-verbal. The other woman she suspected Jansen had assaulted is also autistic and non-verbal.

The witness called police after seeing what she thought was inappropriate behavior between Jansen and the two women, and responding officers were able to observe enough behavior through a window to call Jansen in for questioning.

When pressed on his conduct Jansen admitted to investigators that he did have sexual contact with both victims ranging from touching to oral sex, and acknowledged that things had been getting progressively more intimate between he and the two disabled women over recent weeks. Jansen reportedly told police he felt the sexual conduct with the 20-year-old clients was not wrong. "Any time I have touched them, it's been in a friendly way to make them happy and feel loved."

"I never caused them any harm.... How would you feel if you couldn't experience love or romance your whole life?"

If found guilty Patrick Jansen faces a possible 15 year prison sentence on one count, and 10 years on the second.